Aedes aegypti mosquito repelled by Herbal Armor® from Natural Trends

February 11th, 2016

SPRINGVILLE, UT – Natural Trends, LLC, has announced that the company’s Herbal Armor® Natural Insect Repellent from All Terrain® was proven highly effective in repelling Aedes aegypti mosquitoes, providing 100% protection for 2 hours and 95.8% protection for 3 hours post-application in independent lab testing conducted at UOGuelph.

“This is huge news for those wanting to offer clients a trustworthy branded repellent effective in repelling Aedes aegypti mosquitoes” said Paul Christensen, President of Natural Trends.  “Demand for the product is skyrocketing!”  Per IRI data, Herbal Armor is the #1 retail selling natural, DEET-Free insect repellent, and uses six natural repelling oils. Allergy tested and non-irritating, Herbal Armor® repellent is travel-ready, sweat resistant for active lifestyles, and good for those with sensitive skin. It won’t damage clothing or equipment like DEET repellents.  Natural Trends secured exclusive promo channel rights to Herbal Armor® in June 2015 from Rosemont Ventures.

All Terrain’s Herbal Armor® efficacy report may be viewed at

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Natural Trends Partners with All Terrain®

June 15th, 2015

SPRINGVILLE, UT – Natural Trends announced today that it has entered into an exclusive promotional channel partnership with All Terrain®, makers of Herbal Armor® Natural Insect Repellent, the #1 natural, DEET-Free insect repellent.*

Natural Trends is adding Herbal Armor to its list of co-brandable promotional items. Herbal Armor is being offered for promotion in a 2 oz. pump spray and individual Wipes.

Herbal Armor Insect Repellent is a highly-effective, safe, natural repellent that uses six natural-repelling oils. It is non-irritating, allergy tested, and safe for sensitive skin. Made for active outdoor enthusiasts, Herbal Armor is sweat and water-resistant for active lifestyles, won’t damage clothing or equipment, and meets strict standards for natural ingredients.

“We are very excited to bring to market the top rated natural insect repellent,” said Paul Christensen, President of Natural Trends.  “It will provide advertisers a repellent option in which they can have full confidence, one that is safe and actually works!” Full details available at

About Natural Trends:
Natural Trends LLC, is a Utah-based supplier focused on exclusive brands and superior quality serving the promotional products industry since 1999.  Natural Trends is a values driven company with a strong commitment to social responsibility.

About All Terrain:
All Terrain is a division of Rosemont Ventures Inc. of Newport New Hampshire, makers of more than 50 natural, effective products to help people live more active, healthy lives.

*according to IRI data

Natural Trends Announces New Lubricant Sprayer

October 27th, 2014

SPRINGVILLE, UT – Natural Trends has partnered exclusively with Real Technologies, LLC to introduce the industry’s only all-purpose lubricant in a non-aerosol sprayer, the PlanetSafe L6 Lubricant Spray. The cutting-edge non-toxic, non-hazardous, and non-aerosol lubricant is available today from Natural Trends. Previously available only in retail and industrial markets, this proprietary custom version is co-branded under the PlanetSafe Lubricants brand.

“After literally hundreds of requests, we’re excited to offer an all-purpose lubricant in a sprayer, which can be used in so many ways and places, expanding its promotional appeal,” said Paul Christensen, president of Natural Trends.

The PlanetSafe L6 Lubricant is a bio-synthetic product specially formulated to lubricate, penetrate rusted parts, and clean rust and corrosion from surfaces. It has thousands of uses around the home, yard and shop including use on tools, machinery, equipment and power toys. The product does not contain any toxic substances like many other penetrating oils and lubricants, is low-odor, and is already compliant with the recently enacted low VOC regulations. The lubricant is made in the USA.

The new PlanetSafe L6 Lubricant Sprayer will replace the WD-40 No Mess Pen, which has been discontinued by the WD-40 Company and is no longer available. As the exclusive channel partner for WD-40 products for the promotional products industry, Natural Trends will continue to supply the WD-40 3 oz. Handy Can, including the Ultimate Fix-All Kit and Ultimate Redneck Repair Kit.

Additional product details are available at For more information, please contact Natural Trends at 800-753-9591.

About Natural Trends:
Natural Trends is a Utah-based supplier of innovative and useful everyday products serving the promotional products industry since 1999. Natural Trends is a values driven company with a strong commitment to social responsibility. Our mission is to help other firms succeed through the promotion of their products and services.

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Natural Trends announces WD-40 contest winners

October 7th, 2013

PROVO, UT – Natural Trends, LLC, has announced the three winners of their recent WD-40 No Mess Pens giveaway.

Michelle Kennedy of GreatGifts4U was the winner of the “Most Unique” category for distributors, and Clayton Bowen through distributor Matt Davidson of LOGO Dynamics, Inc. won the customer category. Sean Perry of Direct Promotions won the random drawing. All three winners will receive a 500-piece order of WD-40 No Mess Pens.

Kennedy’s entry highlighted WD-40’s ability to clean surfaces. “We just bought a used SUV that had faded black bumpers. We sprayed WD-40 on it and wiped it in and it made our bumpers look like new!” Kennedy said.

Bowen, who works for the Virginia Department of Deaf and Hard of Hearing, highlighted how his agency uses WD-40 to draw a broader crowd at health fairs. “The WD-40, particularly when packaged with strips of duct tape, has become a real draw for men, and gives us the opportunity to start a conversation about hearing loss and how the agency can assist them,” Bowen wrote.

Perry’s entry was selected by random draw. “I was working in a tight space in an engine compartment and couldn’t get my hand by some hoses. I sprayed WD-40 on my hand (nitrile glove on it) and my hand slipped right into the tight space to finish the repair.”

The WD-40 contest opened in August and ran through the month of September. It was open to both distributors and their customers.

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Melanie Livingston
Marketing Assistant

ASI: 73497    PPAI: 235352    UPIC: NTrends

Natural Trends announces WD-40 Contest for Distributors and Customers

August 27th, 2013

PROVO, UT – Natural Trends, LLC, has announced a contest inviting distributors and their customers to submit their craziest use of WD-40 for a chance to win a free order of WD-40 No Mess Pens.

WD-40 has more than 2,000 uses in addition to the traditional uses as a lubricant, cleaner, and rust remover. Several WD-40 users have utilized this multi-purpose product to keep squirrels from climbing birdfeeders, to clean bowling balls or to remove permanent marker from whiteboards.

“We know there are many creative uses out there for WD-40,” said Paul Christensen, President of Natural Trends LLC. “We love hearing how people are using the product personally, or as a promotional product!”

The contest runs through Sept. 30, 2013, and is open to all distributors and their customers. Entries may be a written submission or a short video clip. Three orders of 500 WD-40 No Mess Pens will be awarded at the conclusion of the contest—two for being the most creative, and one randomly selected. The winning entries will be announced in October.

For details and information on how to enter, visit

For Additional Information Contact:
Melanie Livingston
Marketing Assistant
ASI: 73497    PPAI: 235352    UPIC: NTrends